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Stunning examples of contouring makeup; this is like photoshop for real life!
When the Holiday Season gets crazy and hectic, sometimes we just need a little laugh!
We all have those days when we just don't feel like primping at all... Unfortunately for these celebs, they got caught on camera!
The camera loves some people and hates others. The camera loves these people who are likely some of the most photogenic people in the whole world.
They really are just like you and I! Once-toned celebrities who got fat with before and after pics. This is what happens if you let yourself go
If you needed more reasons not to do drugs, we have 10. These are the shocking faces of meth.
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Proof that no one looks good in google glass.
Ranking the best Disney stars of all-time!
Some of the weirdest, coolest things you'll learn about make-up!
Haters can hate but here's a rundown of some of President Obama's greatest hits so far. Not bad at all.
Forget the Old-Fashioned; these drinks were born for Summer!
Do you know about Angelina's political involvement? Do you agree with her opinion of Obama?
Festival's you're glad you missed, and some you've never heard of. Avoid them at all costs.
Little known facts about everyone's favorite Upper East Side gang!
That crazy hover hand with no-place to go, always knows how to ruin a good photo!
If you're a Gemini, be sure to check out these important tips on Love!
Your life just got easier.
Chinese artist liu Bolin wow's us with his human chameleon photos. You can't miss these!
15 crazy looks fresh off the runway
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